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Club Cashback
Hotel bookings 0%, Flights and Hotel Bookings 2%, Car hire 0%, Flights 1%, Packages 2%
Accommodation bookings 2.5%, Flight & Accommodation combined 1.5%, Flight 0.5%, Other purchases 1.5%
The High Street Web
Unique visit 2p
Virgin Media
Solus (Broadband only or TV only £14.25, Dual (Broadband and TV or Broadband and Phone or Broadband and TV) £2...
National Express Coaches
When you make a booking 2.5%
Microsoft Store
Other software 9%, Windows 7 7.5%, WAU 7.5%, Office 7.5%, Developer 6%, Kinect 5%, HARDGAMES 3.75%, MS Press 2.5%, Xbox + ...
Price Logic
Search and clickthru £0.02
Vodafone Free SIM Cards
First £10.00 top up £1.50
Bargain Flights
Search and clickthru £0.01
Verified Registration £0.35
    • Club Cashback

      generate a club cashback reward for all products purchased online
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Welcome to Club Cashback

Club Cashback allows members to generate a cashback reward for West Midlands Police FC for all products purchased online. There are over 2,000 retailers to choose from, including some of the biggest high street brands. West Midlands Police FC will earn a cashback reward ranging from 1% to 30% of the total sales value for all products purchased via the Club Cashback section of your website.

How to use Club Cashback

  1. Visit your club website and click on the Club Cashback link.
  2. Search the Club Cashback section for your favourite retailer and click on their website link.
  3. Find your product and complete your on-line transaction (as normal).

All purchases are automatically tracked and cashback is rewarded to your club for all online transactions.

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