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Website last updated: 20 Jul 2012 @ 07:43

Richard Law

Role: Treasurer
Telephone: N/A


Nickname: Mongy
Hometown: Walsall
Supported Club: Walsall
Favourite Cartoon as a kid: Captain Caveman
In the movie about my life, I’d like to be played by: Karl Pilkington
What’s your pre match routine: Sit on hot water bottle for an hour to wake the hammy's up
What would your last meal be: Foot long Subway
First celebrity crush: Michela Strachan - Wide Awake Club
Best Advice you’ve ever received: Just agree with Scrivthat is was a bad pass and not his lack of movement
What would you be doing on a Saturday if football didn’t exist: Family
Hardest WMPFC Player: Bob Sutton
Biggest WMPFC Moaner: 100% Scriv
Best Dressed WMPFC Player: I just don't get what these kids wear nowadays
Dressing Room Joker: Harty
Favourite thing about WMPFC: Post match food
Best ground ever played at: Ledbury Town for the fans giving the Old Bill some stick
Football Hero: Gary Neville
Favourite Player to watch when you were a kid: Kenny Mower - Walsall FC legend and King of Full Backs

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Colin Bowers Committee Member
Superintendant Steve Graham Chairman
Thomas Cunningham-Smith Secretary
Richard Law Treasurer
Dave Scriven Manager
Stuart Parker Committee Member
Kay Hay Committee Member
Thomas Cunningham-Smith Website Editor



9v9 goalpost funding now available

Youth football teams wanting to play 9v9 football in England this season can now apply for funding for new goalposts from the Football Foundation.

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