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Michael Hart


Date joined: 02 Jul, 2012
Previous club(s):

Player statistics

Appearances: 0
Goals scored: 0
Assists: 0
Average rating: 0.0
Player of the match: 0
Yellow cards: 0
Red cards: 0


Nickname: Harty
Hometown: Birmingham
Supported Club: Birminghm City
Favourite Cartoon as a kid: Hong Kong Phooey
In the movie about my life, I’d like to be played by: George Clooney
What’s your pre match routine: Put right shin pad on first
What would your last meal be: 24oz Steak - medium rare
First celebrity crush: Sally James (Tizwaz)
Best Advice you’ve ever received: Get the first one in
What would you be doing on a Saturday if football didn’t exist: Shopping with the Mrs
Hardest WMPFC Player: Pete Grimshaw
Biggest WMPFC Moaner: Mark Bellingham
Best Dressed WMPFC Player: Gary Ingram
Dressing Room Joker: Andy Reece
Favourite thing about WMPFC: Overnight trips!!
Best ground ever played at: The Molineux
Football Hero: Trevor Francis
Favourite Player to watch when you were a kid: My old man - John Hart



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