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Chris Turner

Player, Defender/Midfielder

Date joined: 01 Aug, 20134
Previous club(s): Gornal Athletic

Player statistics

Appearances: 3
Goals scored: 0
Assists: 0
Average rating: 0.0
Player of the match: 0
Yellow cards: 0
Red cards: 0


Hometown: Stourbridge
Supported Club: Man United
Favourite Cartoon character: Bravestar
Most embarrassing song in your iPod: Mickey Mouse Club House
Who would be your 4 dinner party guests: Johnny Wilkinson, John Lennon, Harry Hill & Alex Ferguson
What's your pre match superstitions: Strapping my left wrist
Your most treasured possession: My daughter
What's your signature dish: Pesto chicken
Stranded on an island, what are your 3 essential items: Photo of my family, iPod, Kindle
WMPFC - Worst Hair style: Tom Hemmings
WMPFC - Most Dependable: Ellis Turner
WMPFC - Most Vain: Rich Adams
WMPFC - Club Legend: Don't know
Football Hero: Roy Keane
Footballer Comparision: Freddie Ljungberg



24 Sep, 2014, HomeWiltshire Police League 41 REPORT
22 Oct, 2014, Away Northants Police League 4 1 REPORT
29 Oct, 2014, Away Staffordshire Police Cup 1 3 REPORT



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